There's no crying in baseball
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Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Welcome to the most extravagant extravaganza the human eye can behold! The extraordinary grandeur of this spectacle--every act, every animal parade in full regalia for the audience as the band plays.It is truly spectacular! Please welcome the stars of the greatest show on earth!
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hey so heres a giveaway

you can gain all the abilities of a spider by winning this simple giveaway

so hey i guess you need an explanation well i have left all my fandoms behind and that is including homestuck

but hey might as well make the next guy happy right

my cosplay set includes:

  • glasses
  • blue nail polish
  • a scorpio shirt (it fits mostly anyone it stretches from maybe a small-large??)
  • vriska’s horns
  • a fresh little container of ben nye face paint

i really hate looking at this shit so please take it


  • Reblog as much as you want i dont use this account anymore it dont matter just dont annoy your followers seriously dont
  • Likes count too
  • US ONLY  i only just got a job at the spirit store im not paying for international shipping sorry
  • END DATE: OCTOBER 8th get it 8/8 lol that gives you about a month

If you win, ill send you a message but i have SHIT TO DO IN MY LIFE GETTING THIS TO YOU IS NOT MY #1 PRIORITY itll take a few days

good luck i guess